A group of young people are making fun of the Hindu god Pina Colada

A group has created a parody of the god PINA, calling him the “silly little guy” and singing songs about him.

A video of the group’s parody has been viewed more than 400,000 times since being posted on the YouTube account of the popular internet music group “Lucky” on Friday.

The group’s video, titled “The Rooftop Pina Song”, has also been viewed almost 20,000,000 time.

The videos’ parody of PINA is a combination of the lyrics “You’re a very silly little guy”, and the phrase “You can’t be serious”.

“You’re not serious,” the song says, before the words “you’re silly”.

The group of about 10 students started to create the video and began to use the lyrics to create their own parody, which has been watched more than 100,000.

“The Roos are like that.

They’re so silly, you can’t take them seriously,” a student told The Times of India newspaper.”

I really enjoy making videos for fun,” he said.”

We made a lot of videos about Hindu gods, and they all sound so silly.

We wanted to create something that sounds like that, and we thought that Pina is the same.”

The group also created an “alternate Pina” song, which the students posted online.

The video has been shared more than 800,000 on social media, and is being viewed almost 10,000 days after it was posted.

“It’s funny that people can laugh at a god like Pina.

We have fun making the videos, and it’s fun to make a lot,” the students told the newspaper.

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