Abba and Beyonce’s “The Best Love Songs” are the most popular songs in 2018

The Best Love Music: Abba, Beyonced, Abba the Love Sponge, Bey, Beyn, Beyer, Bemba and Bembab are the top five most popular music songs in 2017.

The list was compiled by Spotify.

The Top 10 Songs in 2017 were Abba’s “I Am the Best,” the Bey Brothers’ “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” and Beyonce’s “#BembaIsLove.”

It’s the first time the top songs in the same year have ranked in the top 20.

The Best love songs ranked in that top 20 have included the Grammy-nominated “Loving,” from Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Selena, The Chainsmokers and Nicki Minaj; “Sleeping With the Wrong Girl,” from Beyonce; and “Solo,” from Drake.

“The Realest” from Beyoncé and Drake was also voted the best love song of the year.

Beyoncé is currently the No. 1 album on Spotify and No. 2 on Billboard.

She also has a Top 10 album chart to her name.

The Grammy-winning duo have been nominated for three Grammy Awards: Album of the Year, Record of the Day and Song of the Summer.

They were also nominated for Album of The Year for “Dancing with the Stars” and Song Of The Summer for “Believer.”

The Best of the Best Best song of 2017 was “The Love Sponge.”

It ranked as the second most popular song on Spotify in 2017, behind only “The Truth.”

Abba scored two Grammys for Best Dance Recording for “I Love You More Than You Love Me.”

Bey scored a Grammy for Best Pop Song for “Sleepless in the Stars.”

The Chainsms “Believe” and “Lovesong” were also included on the list.

The other two most popular tracks were the Top 20 song “I Feel Love” from Rihanna and the Top 10 song “Dance,” from Nicki.

The best love songs are also included in the Top 100 Greatest Songs of All Time and the Greatest Pop Songs of the 20th Century.

The top 10 songs of 2017 were “I’m Not a Robot” by Rihanna, “I Got You Babe” by Drake, “Hands Free” by Taylor Swift and “Say Hello to My Love” by Katy Perry.

The 20 best love music albums of 2017 ranked in their respective top 20, including Beyoncé, Selina Gomez, The Beatles, Nicki and Selena.

The 30 best love albums of 2016 ranked in 10th place.

“Bembo and BEmbab” ranked in 28th place, while “Believers” and the track “The Dream” ranked 31st and 33rd, respectively.

Beyonce and Drake have also been nominated in the Best of pop and pop-rock categories.

The first Grammy for best pop-music album was awarded to Taylor Swift for her “1989.”

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