How to be green day’s greatest show man songwriter – The Guardian

The greatest show men songs of all time…

Green Day?

The Beatles?


The Rolling Stones?

You name it, the Green Day are one of them. 

But Green Day’s greatest songwriter, and the person responsible for a vast amount of the band’s greatest hits, was not the group’s leader, Bon Iver.

Nor was he the frontman of one of its most successful acts.

It was Jimmy Eat World’s frontman Nick Jonas.

He wrote, recorded and recorded again for a whopping four years after he had left the group in 2002.

The songwriter and producer also wrote for the likes of the Eagles, Foo Fighters and The Rolling Thunder. 

Now that Jonas is no longer in the band, and is best known as a writer and producer on the band and on his own band, he has returned to the stage with a new album, Blackstar. 

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s The Sunday Times, Jonas described his early days with the band.

“I was in the middle of my first album,” he said.

“And I remember being so frustrated.

It’s hard to explain.” 

Jonas, who is now in his 20s, has worked on many of Green Day ‘s biggest hits and is still in charge of writing and producing on the new album. 

“I’d written a song before and recorded it, and then I got a call from a producer saying ‘Oh, I want to do this song, so you can write it yourself’,” he said of his first album.

“That’s when I had this huge epiphany, that I could write music myself.” 

And he did. 

The singer-songwriter spent four years working on the album, creating and writing new versions of Green Days most iconic hits and songs. 

For his latest effort, Blackstars newest track ‘Racism’, Jonas decided to put his musical background into writing the song.

“I went into the studio with a lot of different influences,” he told The Sunday Telegraph.

“The most important influences were music and dance music. 

I did a lot with the beats, the bass, and a lot more, just trying to come up with new ideas.” 

The song, which Jonas also wrote with his wife, Tessa, was produced by DJ Spinn.

“It’s one of those songs that’s written and recorded by me, and my wife,” he continued.

“We wrote the lyrics, I recorded the beat, and we just went from there. 

Blackstar will be out on March 18, and it’s available to stream now on Spotify and iTunes. 

Listen to Nick Jonas on the Radio 4 The Sunday Express on February 28, 2017Find out more about Nick Jonas: What would you say to Nick?

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