How to make your own hip-hop anthem top 20 songs 2020

The first thing to know about rap music: It’s a genre of music that was born in the 1990s.

It’s also very diverse.

That’s why we put together this list of the top 20 rap songs of 2020.

We even included a few songs that were born a long time ago, and some of the most iconic moments in hip-hopping history.

We wanted to celebrate the history of rap, not just the most important music from the last 20 years, but also the most timeless, meaningful songs of the past.

Let’s dig in.1.

“Shake It Off” (feat.

A$AP Rocky)The first song to be nominated for the Grammys in a decade, the “Sha-Zu-Za” is a classic that can be traced back to 1989.

The song is about overcoming adversity and making a difference, and is about the power of being in the moment.

If you listen to this song in the present tense, it’s an excellent way to celebrate your success.2.

“Till I Die” (From The Roots)This song is one of the greatest rap songs ever made, and it is a staple of modern hip-hops.

It has a great hook, an upbeat, infectious beat, and lyrics that will make you want to dance.

The “til I die” part comes from the line “never say die, I want to stay alive till I die,” which is about how much you want this moment to continue.3.

“Downtown” (T.I.’s “Til It Happens to You”)A classic, “Dumb Dumb Dumb” is the title track on The Slim Shady LP.

This song is a great song to go to sleep on and start your day.4.

“Buckets of Cash” (The Black Keys’ “Catch a Falling Star”)This song tells the story of a struggling rapper who goes through his own struggles.

It makes the listener feel like a hero, but it’s also a cautionary tale about what can happen if you’re not careful.5.

“Black Eyed Peas” (Drake’s “Tequila”)This is one song you should hear every time you walk into a bar.

This is a song about the way the music industry works.

The chorus is about people trying to make money in rap, and “black eyed peas” is how they’re trying to do it.6.

“You Don’t Have to Do This” (B.o.B.’s ‘Hail Mary’)B.a.b.i.n.

A great song, but this one has a few flaws.

The hook is an old favorite, but the lyrics are not as catchy as they could be.7.

“Sister Souljah” (Lil Wayne’s “Gangsta’s Paradise”)The classic Lil Wayne rap hit has a beautiful beat and catchy verses, but some of it is missing.

It may not be his best song, so why not give it another shot?8.

“Get Money” (Jay Z’s “B.O.B.”)

Jay Z is known for his rhymes and flows, but sometimes he just sounds like he’s rapping.

“Got Money” is his most famous song, and his voice is a lot of fun to sing.9.

“Puff Daddy’s Anthem” (Macklemore’s “Prayin’ for Jesus”)One of the songs that will forever be remembered for being the most popular rap song ever.

The line “I ain’t got time for nobody” is about one of Macklemore’s favorite lines from The Life of Pablo, and its about not having time for anyone.10.

“I’ma Take My Ball” (Fancy Bears’ “Love is the Law”)The song is the biggest rap hit in the history, and the lyrics have become so iconic.

One of the best rap lyrics ever.11.

“No More Parties in LA” (Kendrick Lamar’s “Flawless”)It is a timeless song.

It is about a man who gets a little too excited and loses control of his life, and has to figure out how to turn it around.

It was written in the early 1990s, and Kendrick Lamar has been doing the song ever since.12.

“Love the Way You Lie” (S.

Carter’s “I Got You Babe”)S.

Carter’s “Love The Way You Lies” is one the best songs of all time.

The lyrics are just so timeless.

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