How to pronounce ‘HYE KOY’ in the English language

“I love hye-kyo,” says Gianluca Di Marzio, as he prepares to leave his post as Inter manager for a new job in Italy.

“I don’t care how you pronounce it, it’s my favourite word in the world.”

The Italian legend is one of the most popular football managers of all time, having guided Inter to two Champions League trophies and six consecutive Serie A titles.

His success has earned him a place in the history books.

The former Manchester United manager made his debut for Inter in 1997 and has since led the club to three European Cups, three Coppa Italia titles, three Serie A and three Champions League titles.

He is the only man to have led Inter to five Serie A crowns, the last one in 2009.

But it was his time at Inter that changed the way Italians speak.

In 1997, the club was in a state of disarray after losing the Italian league title to Genoa.

Di Marzo had left the club before the match and was replaced by Antonio Conte.

The following season, the Rossoneri went on to win the Coppa Italiana and Serie A.

But things were about to change for the better, with Di Marzes return to Inter after three years as coach, which coincided with a dramatic Serie A triumph against Napoli.

“I think Inter were doing well at the time,” said Di Marzanio.

“They had three points from three games, which was very good.

I was convinced that the fans would like me there, and I’m very happy with that.””

The fans wanted me to stay, but they were not satisfied with the players they had at the club, so they wanted a change.

And it was that time.”

In those days you were not allowed to leave the dressing room.

So I decided to stay.

I’ve always said that my first priority was to be the coach of Inter, so I’ve had that in mind for many years.

I think I’ve done a great job there, but there was another one that came my way that was different, and that was a change that needed to happen.

“He said he was the only person who could bring Inter back to their glory days.”

That’s why I always try to help my players to achieve success. “

The fans always had their opinion, and my job was to listen to them.

That’s why I always try to help my players to achieve success.

I always tell them that the best is yet to come.”

When I left Napoli I had an idea of what it took to get to this level, and it was a great challenge.

But there’s also the other aspect that it was my responsibility.

I could never let the team down.

I didn’t have to leave.

I left the door open, and in that sense I was happy.

“What is the origin of the word ‘HYEAK’?

A little more than two hundred years ago, the ancient Romans used the word hye for “to grow”, but they changed the spelling to ‘hye-Kyo’ because it sounds like “Yay”.

Di Marziano also used to say ‘HYEE-KO’, but he only did so because he could not find a suitable word in Italian.

He also used the Latin ‘Y’ to indicate the ‘Y’, so the ‘HYER’ in ‘HYEY’ sounds like the ‘y’ in “yay”.

The Romans were also fond of using ‘HYEH’, which was the Italian equivalent of the English ‘Yeh’.

It’s a common misconception that the word means ‘joy’, but it actually means “to love”, which Di Marzi said he never considered.

He explained: “When you hear ‘YAY’, you think it means ‘to be happy’, and when you hear it you think ‘Yay’ means ‘I love’.

I never thought that it means anything different, but when I first started to play football, I was always aware of that difference.”‘YAY’ in Italian and ‘HYEN’ in English are pronounced like ‘yay’ and ‘en’ respectively, and the difference between them can be easily seen when you listen to both words in a conversation.”

For me it is very important to know that they’re different words,” Di MARZA said.”

It’s like a word, when you use it you don’t think of what you’re saying, you just use it like this.

I think the way you pronounce ‘YEY’ in Italy is like ‘Yee-Yay’.

“The ‘YH’ in my last name is very different from ‘HYeh’ in Japanese, because I’m Italian.

The ‘YOH’ in Spanish is very similar, but you don´t think of that.

When I say ‘Yey’ in Japan it’s pronounced like the word

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