How to watch the NHL’s pregame show, Stevie Wonder songs and Frozen songs

How to listen to the NHL pregame and postgame shows live and on-demand? 

With pregame shows, fans get to see the game from their seat in the stands. 

Fans can catch the action in their seats during games, with the best views on the ice and on the big screen. 

In a perfect world, the NHL would just be able to schedule pregame on the same day as the game, but that’s not always possible. 

 So, if you can’t find a game, listen to your favorite music, and get excited for the game that’s just around the corner, here are the NHLs pregame music choices.1.

“We’ve Got a Big One” (NHL All-Star) (feat.

Drake) The NHL All-Stars have been the face of the pregame festivities since their first visit to Toronto in 2006, and they’ve continued to be one of the most recognizable and successful groups of players in hockey history.

Drake was recently inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame and has been the subject of numerous memes and jokes over the years. 

The song also references the All-Pro hockey players, and Drake has also sung it for the last three All- Star Games. 


“No, No, No” (The National Anthem) (Rapper Lil Wayne) Lil Wayne has a very distinct style of hip-hop and R&B, which is something that Drake has not done since his appearance at the 2006 NHL All Star Game.

Drake has said he was inspired to write this song when he saw Lil Wayne perform at the 2007 All-star game. 


“Drake, Drake, Drake” (Olivia Newton-John) Olivium Newton-Jane is a rapper, writer, and performer.

She is best known for her role in the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black and for her breakout performance in the HBO miniseries The Knick.

She was nominated for an Emmy Award for her performance in Season 2 of The Knack. 


“The Song That’s Making Me Famous” (Trevor Noah) Trevors Noah is one of my favorite comedians.

In an interview with The New York Times, Noah said that the song that made him famous has nothing to do with him at all. 


“It’s All About Me” (Gangnam Style) (BTS) BTS’s hit single “It It’s All about Me” is a catchy, rapping song that has become a huge hit in South Korea. 


“All I Want for Christmas Is You” (Rihanna) Kanye West has also become a popular fan favorite during pregame, and Rihanna has also been featured in the song, as seen below. 


“Let It Go” (Kanye) I’m going to say this: Kanye West’s new single, “Let it Go,” is the best song in the entire NBA All-stars.

The song is a perfect fit for the pre-game show as the NBA’s top scorer and best rebounder, so the preGame show should be no different. 


“Fifty Shades of Grey” (Harry Styles) Harry Styles is one half of Harry Styles and KANYE WEST’s romantic couple.

Harry Styles has sung the song for the first time since the preseason game last year. 


“Satisfaction” (Jay-Z) Jay-z is known for his lyrics, and his music video for “Somewhere” is the perfect example. 


“Happy Birthday” (Lil Yachty) Lady Gaga has also appeared in a couple of Lil Yachts music videos and has become one of Lil’ most well-known faces in the world. 


“I Feel Like We’re Alone” (Halsey) Halseys music video has been a huge success in North America, and the song has been used to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 


“Bad Blood” (Ariana Grande) Ariana has also released a video for the song. 


“Blessings” (A$AP Rocky) A$A is a rap legend who has had a long history of performing at the NHL All Stars games.

Rocky has used the song to promote his upcoming album, and A$A recently shared a video of himself and the track on Instagram. 


“Love Yourself” (Nicki Minaj) Nicki’s song, “Love yourself,” has been performed by Drake on his 2015 album.


“Crying on the Bus” (Vince Staples) Vince is known as a social media genius, and this song is the latest example of that.

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