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Trump and Clinton team up on ‘best song’ nomination

The Trump and Hillary Clinton presidential campaigns are teaming up to nominate the top song for President Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee for president, a White House official confirmed Thursday.

The nomination is expected to come from a former Clinton staffer who helped write the song.

The White House is expected formally to announce the nominee for songwriter on Friday afternoon.

A former Clinton administration official said she did not want to be quoted discussing the song because it is not subject to publication rules and is not considered official.

The official said the former Clinton aide and the songwriter are working with the Clinton team on an unofficial songwriting team.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an internal deliberations that has not yet been released publicly.

It was not immediately clear how the official plans to announce a nomination.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The song is about a woman in the White House who’s had her own issues.

It’s about a songbird and her struggles to find love after the death of her husband.

Harry Styles: I’ll Never Be Famous for Saying This, Says FKA Twigs

Harry Styles has been speaking out against the “rape culture” of Hollywood and saying it “has nothing to do with feminism”.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 20-year-old rapper explained why he is not afraid to speak out about his sexuality.

“I’m not afraid of being a rape victim, I’m not scared of being raped,” he said.

“The truth is I feel like a rapist, and that’s what I’m fighting for.”

When asked if he is afraid of getting the backlash he has been receiving from people, Styles said, “No, I don’t feel that way at all.”

“I’ve never been afraid to be a victim of anything.

I’ve never felt scared.

I feel comfortable in my skin, and I feel free to be myself,” he added.

“I’ve been saying the truth and people have never believed me, so I don’s believe what I say.”

Watch the interview below.

Why Green Day? Why Green Days?

Green Day have released the second album, This Is Green Day, on Thursday.

The band have made a name for themselves in the indie rock world with hits like the smash hit American Idiot, and the critically acclaimed The Colour and the Shape.

But this isn’t the band’s first solo album.

In 2013, they released their first album in more than 15 years, This is Green Day: The Complete Album, on a limited-edition double vinyl edition.

In 2015, Green Day released The New Order: Volume Two on a double vinyl box set.

And the band have also released albums in the past on vinyl and CD, including The Black Album, The Blackout, The End of the Tour, and The Sound of Silence.

Read moreThe release of This Is the End marks the second time in the band, following 2014’s The End and the release of their second album in 2017.

The album is a fitting end to their two-decade career, as the band has been working on a new album since their 2014 album, White Light/White Heat.

The release was announced via social media on Thursday morning.

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