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What do you call a song that sounds like Frozen? Here are 10 of the best

Frozen is coming to Netflix.

Here’s a list of the songs from the film.1.

“Hamburger Mary” (Anna and Elsa)The song, which opens “Frozen,” has been used by Disney as a parody of a Burger Mary and has become a hit with children and adults alike.

The song is so popular that the company even gave it a spin in its first TV commercial for the film, featuring Elsa as the character.

In 2016, a Frozen themed song was included in Disney’s upcoming animated feature Frozen Fever, which debuted on Disney XD in 2019.2.

“I Can’t Believe You’re Still Here” (Olaf)The original song from the original Frozen.3.

“Anna and the King” (Kristoff)A song from Disney’s 2018 animated feature The Snow Queen.4.

“Frost Queen” (Bella)A catchy Disney tune from the animated Frozen film.5.

“Let It Go” (Hans)A hit from the Disney classic Frozen.6.

“We Are the World” (Jafar)A favorite song from Frozen.7.

“It’s the End of the World as We Know It” (Sebastian)A Disney tune that appears in the film and was written by John Williams.8.

“The Last Goodbye” (Maisie Williams)The first Disney song written by Williams, and a favorite among fans.9.

“Cinderella” (Rapunzel)A popular Disney song that was a hit for the musical Cinderella.10.

“You Don’t Know What Love Is” (Elsa)A Frozen song that is a hit among Disney fans.

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