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How to watch Jason Aldean Songs

Weilong has released new songs from Jason Aldes’ career, but the singer’s biggest hits aren’t from his career.

Aldean released a few new songs on Instagram on Friday, but he didn’t release the songs from the albums he released on the label in 2015.

Weilong shared new songs called “I Am” and “You Are” from Jason’s most recent album, My Life in Pictures.

You Are is a song about growing up in a big city.

You Are is about getting to know your mother.

Weilongs is an older song with a deeper, more intimate vibe.

It also features vocals by Aldean’s daughter.

I Am features Jason singing about getting older, feeling old, and wanting to do things differently.

You Can Tell Me is about how a kid can become a man.

You Couldn’t Tell Me was about the struggle of getting a job.

You Have A Gift is about the power of music.

The songs aren’t quite as diverse as Weil, but they are all more reflective of his life and his life in general.

We’ve heard Weilons music on “Love Story” and the single “You Couldn\’t Tell Me.”

Weilongs has shared songs from other artists like Eminem and the Chainsmokers, so we have a good idea of what the artists have to say.

Jason Aldean will be releasing a new album in 2019.

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