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A group of young people are making fun of the Hindu god Pina Colada

A group has created a parody of the god PINA, calling him the “silly little guy” and singing songs about him.

A video of the group’s parody has been viewed more than 400,000 times since being posted on the YouTube account of the popular internet music group “Lucky” on Friday.

The group’s video, titled “The Rooftop Pina Song”, has also been viewed almost 20,000,000 time.

The videos’ parody of PINA is a combination of the lyrics “You’re a very silly little guy”, and the phrase “You can’t be serious”.

“You’re not serious,” the song says, before the words “you’re silly”.

The group of about 10 students started to create the video and began to use the lyrics to create their own parody, which has been watched more than 100,000.

“The Roos are like that.

They’re so silly, you can’t take them seriously,” a student told The Times of India newspaper.”

I really enjoy making videos for fun,” he said.”

We made a lot of videos about Hindu gods, and they all sound so silly.

We wanted to create something that sounds like that, and we thought that Pina is the same.”

The group also created an “alternate Pina” song, which the students posted online.

The video has been shared more than 800,000 on social media, and is being viewed almost 10,000 days after it was posted.

“It’s funny that people can laugh at a god like Pina.

We have fun making the videos, and it’s fun to make a lot,” the students told the newspaper.

Why is there a lot of singing?

A lot of people seem to think that if a song is good, it must be because the singers are great singers.

They may be right in a certain sense, but that’s not how the music is produced, says Robert Todaro, a professor of music at the University of Connecticut and an expert in song production.

The music is what the performers do.

Todarro uses the term “song” to describe the sound produced when they play the instrument.

When you play the guitar, the sound you make is a series of notes, not the string itself.

It’s the sound that you make when you bend your fingers over the strings.

When the guitar is played, the string vibrates in a predictable pattern.

If you take the string and turn it, it creates a pattern, or a pattern is what is created by the guitar playing, says Todara.

The same is true for the piano.

You can play a note on a piano string with an angle of 40 degrees.

You get the same sound on a guitar string with a 90 degree angle.

But that doesn’t mean that the guitar strings are playing the same notes, says Traci Todarros, professor of the department of music and opera at the UConn School of Music.

When it comes to music, the strings are not playing the notes.

The strings are responding to the strings, which are playing notes.

It is an entirely different world from playing on a harpsichord.

But it’s not impossible to imagine that people who are really great musicians would be better at playing on stringed instruments.

Toth and Todro also say that it’s impossible to write a great song if you don’t sing well.

“It’s hard to write good music when you’re singing poorly,” says Toth.

There’s a saying in the musical world that “it’s better to be famous than to be good.”

That is true, but it’s also true that being famous means that you are better than everyone else.

Tostars work shows are often very good, so there are people who get better at performing the song than people who do better at it.

In the case of the “easy piano” songs, it’s a different story.

Most of them are written by great musicians, but they’re also written by good singers, says Jelena Jelnik, a classical music teacher at the New School University.

The “easy” piano songs are sung by people who aren’t really great at the instruments themselves.

Tondaro says that a lot are written from a place of self-doubt, that the singer is ashamed to be great, and he asks the singer to be less shy.

“They don’t have to say, ‘Well, I’m so good at this that I’m going to be able to play this song.’

The words that come out of their mouths are, ‘Oh, I just don’t know if I can,'” says Tondaros.

If a song needs to be written to be played on a stringed instrument, that’s the problem.

If someone is a great singer and is great at playing a piano, but their songs are not good, the singer can change the song.

That is a problem for the people who don’t like to play the instruments, says Terri Lebovits, director of the New York Public Library’s Music Division.

It doesn’t matter if they have good or bad singing skills, or if they are good at playing the instruments.

They don’t make the songs better if they can’t play the songs.

The only way to be a good singer is to be very good at the instrument itself, says Lebovaits.

And that is difficult for a lot a people.

“The reason we don’t hear many great singers who are good performers on strings is because there’s so little music that can be played with strings,” says Lebo.

A lot more musicians don’t even have the skill to play with a guitar, so they’re just playing with the instruments they already have.

It would be much better for a songwriter to be writing songs that are not just good songs, but also have an emotional appeal, and if a person has a very emotional voice, it can be good.

It may be easier to write songs that you feel good about because you know that you can write good songs.

That’s why many people who write great songs don’t write them in an emotional way.

“When you are trying to be emotional, that can really harm your ability to write,” says Lee Lach, a teacher of music in the Department of Music and Dance at the American University of Beirut.

People don’t want to hear good songs about people who have a bad voice, so that can seriously hurt a songwriting process.

The reason that a song has to be really emotional is because you can’t get

The Best Albums of 2015

It’s easy to fall into a lull when you’re waiting for the new year to start, but we’re going to help you catch up on the best albums of 2015.

We’ve ranked the top albums of all time, taking into account both the quality of the music as well as the release dates of the albums.

You’ll find our top 10, and a brief history of each album, in each of the three albums.

If you’re new to The Best of 2015, check out our primer for the list.

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