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The 10 best songs from Lizzo’s album ‘I Want You’

Lizzoo is not the only one who has a penchant for writing songs about the band.

During a recent tour stop in Germany, German producer Wolfgang Wiebe recorded the likes of “You’re So Beautiful” and “Love Is A Constant Struggle” with the help of Lizzoos bandleader, Lizzi B. And then there’s Britney Spears, who has sung “I’m Just Not That Into You” to a lot of Britney’s tunes, including “I Kissed a Girl,” “Totally Divorced,” and “Teenage Dream.”

Here are 10 of the most popular Lizzos tracks from their latest album, I Want You.


“I Want U” – Lizzós “I want you” is an anthem to happiness.

The singer sings it in the lead-up to a party with her band, the band and a friend of hers, before they go to dinner.

The song is a little off-the-wall, but it’s a beautiful song.

You can’t stop listening to it, and I love hearing her sing about happiness in a song that’s really universal.


“We Are the Champions” – I Want U is a beautiful love song.

Lizzow’s vocals are sweet, and she uses a few different types of instruments, including a piano, an acoustic guitar, and a trumpet.

She even sings on the chorus, “You and me, we’re the champions.”

It’s one of her most popular songs.


“Love You” – The singer makes love to her best friend, Lila, on the first day of the tour.

She and Lila spend the night together.

The lyrics are super romantic, and they feel like the best day of their lives.


“Crazy In Love” – This song is about love.

The chorus is about how love makes you happy, and the singer sings, “Love, love, love/ That’s the way I feel when I’m alone.”


“Summer Nights” – Another love song about love, this time about Lizzie and her boyfriend.

The vocals are the best part of the song, and Lizzia is so happy that her boyfriend is into her.


“Fancy” – A love song with a nice, soulful bassline.

Lizzy and Lolly’s song is really sweet and is one of the few songs on I Want Us, that is so fun to sing.


“Stay” – “Stay,” by the way, is one love song that is both heartwarming and sad.

LIZO SONGS THAT I WOULD LOVE TO LISTEN TO MORE OF LIZI’S LYRICS “You can’t tell me I’m not your friend.”

“You know you can’t wait to hear the new song/ You can feel the light in my eyes.”

“I wanna say you’re beautiful, but I know you’re not.”

“Come on baby, let’s go to the club/ And then you’ll be happy again.”

“It’s the best of times and the worst of times.”

“There’s a new one in town, and we’re just waiting for it.”

“Stay the same for me.”

“Let’s get you ready for tomorrow.”

“We love you, love you.”

“Honey, honey, honey.”

“Goodbye, bye.”

“This is the best love song/ That we’ll always sing.”

“Oh, and that’s the only love song I want to sing.”

I Want u. lizzó music video

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