Trump signs $25 million,000 contract for ‘Bacon, Beef, Pork’ in US songwriting competition

The Trump administration has signed a $25,000,000 multi-year contract to help create the songwriting credits for the 2017-2018 American Songbook.

The American Songwriting Competition (ASCAP) is a national songwriting contest that aims to help aspiring songwriters become successful by providing them with the support they need to get their music heard by the American music community.

The contest is held each year in July, and the Trump administration announced on Friday that the 2016-2017 American Songwriter of the Year will be chosen from those entries.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with ASCAP to help the American Songwriters Association win this prestigious prize,” said American Song Writer of the year and ASCAP president and CEO John B. Jaffe.

“We are pleased that the Trump Administration is taking the lead in helping aspiring songwriting artists to secure their voice and create a career.”

Jaffe also pointed to the fact that American Song Writers Association (ASWA) President and CEO Nancy Clements and other members of the ASCAP Board of Directors, have been involved in the ASCAP’s 2016-2019 annual contest, and that the ASWA will continue to support the contest’s sponsors in 2017-2019.

ASCAP will pay the entry fees for this year’s competition and award the top two finishers the 2017 ASCAP American Song of the Week Award.

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