What is dance song? – Simple songs

From The Guardian article Simple songs are some of the most popular songs around the world.

They are usually sung in a catchy, rhythmic, and simple way.

Here’s a look at some of them.


Super Simple Songs by Bruno Mars and Rihanna (2011) This dance song is sung by two of Australia’s most famous musicians, Bruno Mars of Bruno Mars & The Stone Roses and Rihana of Rihanna.

It is sung with a simple, melodic flow that is easy to follow and easily adapts to the music.

Listen to it below: 2.

The New York Times by The Beach Boys (1965) This is a simple song written by The Beatles in 1965 and performed live by The Rolling Stones.

It features some of their best-known songs such as Let It Be, We Are The Champions, Let It be.

Listen below: 3.

A Simple Song by The Cure (1989) This song is written by the lead singer of The Cure and performed by a group of people including singer John Denver.

Listen here: 4.

Dancing for Love by Beyoncé (2016) This simple song is about a man who, with his lover, dances to the beat of her heart.

Listen: 5.

A Song for My Baby by The Spice Girls (1990) This video from the Spice Girls is a beautiful and romantic look at love and love’s impact on a family.

Listen on YouTube here: 6.

The Last Song by Elvis Presley (1969) This timeless song is one of Elvis’s most beloved and best-loved.

Listen and watch below: 7.

I Wanna Go Out With You by The Smiths (1975) This classic rock song features a chorus of the famous line “We are all in this together”.

Listen below for a breakdown of the song: 8.

Love in the Time of Cholera by the Beatles (1964) This single from the first Beatles album is a tribute to the World Health Organization.

Listen the video below: 9.

It’s a Simple World by The Band (1963) This music video from The Band was released in 1962 and features an incredible cast of musicians including James Brown, Jimmy Cliff, and Billie Joe Armstrong.

Listen, watch, and listen again to this song here: 10.

The Song of the Morning by The Velvet Underground (1972) This film from the movie The Velvet Moon tells the story of two people who are in love and try to live life as best they can.

Listen for yourself here: 11.

You’re So Beautiful by The Kinks (1980) This iconic song by The Krautrock band has become a standard part of the Kinks repertoire.

Listen as it’s performed here: 12.

The Night You Left Me by The Smashing Pumpkins (1993) This powerful song was written by frontman Billy Corgan and was recorded by the band at the iconic Rolling Stones Festival.

Listen it below for the complete lyrics: 13.

The World Is a Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid to Die by The Police (1978) This British song was originally written by British singer-songwriter, John Lennon.

Listen how the lyrics are written here: 14.

The Love Song of Johnny Cash (1951) Cash’s song is a classic in its own right.

Listen now for a full breakdown here: 15.

Love Me Like You Do by David Bowie (1969), his second album of music videos.

Listen this video here: 16.

Love Is a Warm Gun by Prince (1977) Prince is best known for his work with Pink Floyd, but his lyrics are equally well known for being so simple, yet powerful.

Listen his lyrics here: 17.

I Wish I Could Be Your Lover by Prince and The Rolling Stone Band (1979) This cover of the popular song by Prince is an interesting take on the song.

Listen out for a look into the video here.


You Make Me Feel Good by The Doors (1965-1970) The Doors are one of the biggest bands in rock history.

Listen listen here: 19.

I Feel Pretty by The Bee Gees (1969-1972) In 1969, the Bee Geez were one of many artists to record a new song for the release of their album I Am the Walrus.

Listen in here: 20.

Love the Way You Lie by The Grateful Dead (1973) Listen here for a short film about this classic rock classic: 21.

The Perfect Lover by the Eagles (1965), this song is very popular today.

Listen there: 22.

It Was the Best of Us by The Eagles (1966), This classic pop song was recorded in 1966 and was released on the album The Beatles.

Listen a full review here: 23.

A Little More Love by The Allman Brothers Band (1972), this classic classic rock ballad is a perfect example of a simple and catchy tune.

Listen above for a complete breakdown of this classic track.


Love’s Just a Name by The Cars (1966) This was the

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