What will Trump do if he loses, McCain says?

The House Republican leader on Sunday laid out his vision for a Trump presidency and warned that the president would be “an ineffective president” who would fail to deliver on his campaign promises.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, the vice chairman of the powerful House Republican Conference, also took aim at the president.

Ryan said Trump “is not an effective president” because of his tendency to “take advantage of his adversaries, and the way he has behaved, to undermine our institutions.”

Ryan said Trump’s first 100 days will likely be filled with “continuing failures and failures of the president and his administration,” adding that the House will be “looking to Congress to step in and get involved in what he’s doing” to help him “keep his promise to get our country back on track.”

Ryan, who is the first House speaker to endorse Trump, said Trump has “been a very divisive president” and that he would not like to see him impeached.

Ryan also said he is “not convinced” that Trump will be able to implement his agenda, which includes a $1 trillion infrastructure program.

Ryan said the president will be challenged on multiple fronts by the opposition in Congress, including the Senate, which he said “is going to be very important” to Trump.

He said that he hopes the Senate will continue to hold hearings, that it will pass its tax bill and that Trump can be seen as having a “progressive agenda” that is in the best interest of the country.

Ryan also said that Trump is going to have to make “hard choices” in the coming months, and he suggested that Trump might not be able or willing to make such a decision because of the challenges facing him in the House.

“We are going to see a president who will be asked a lot of tough questions,” Ryan said.

“He will have to do a lot more than what he has said.

I hope that he does that.”

He added that Trump has been “very effective” and “has demonstrated leadership on the world stage,” and he said he expects that Trump “will continue to prove to the American people and to the world that he is a good president.”

Ryan added that he believes that Trump’s presidency will be short-lived, because of Congress’ inability to pass a tax bill, and that the Senate should “act responsibly and work to pass their own agenda.”

He also suggested that Republicans are “looking forward to the end of this administration, and we will see the end, hopefully in two years.”

He continued: “I think it’s going to happen very quickly, and I think we are going for the win.

And we are looking forward to that.”

Ryan also argued that Trump did not have a good relationship with Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, who Ryan said “will be very critical to his agenda.”

Ryan continued: I think that’s a very hard-edged critique, but the reality is that we have an outstanding relationship with Nancy Pelosi.

She’s a friend of mine, she’s a terrific leader and she has done a lot for our party.

She has been a terrific partner, and she will continue in her role as leader of the House Democrats.

Ryan’s remarks come as Democrats prepare to unveil a list of Trump’s top priorities, including legislation to increase military spending, a plan to repeal Obamacare, tax reform and a massive infrastructure package.

On Friday, the president signed an executive order calling for a $2 trillion infrastructure plan, which was described as the “highest priority” by the president’s budget director.

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