Which artist would you like to see play a solo song on a major label album?

Chris Brown has been on a roll this year.

In August, he and The Chainsmokers released “Lose Yourself,” the lead single off their new album, BTS.

The song, which is a combination of “Blurred Lines” and “Bliss,” features the likes of Chance the Rapper and Nicki Minaj, along with appearances from Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyoncé.

Brown has released numerous solo tracks in the past year, including “Panda” and his single “Bumaye.”

Now, Brown has decided to drop a solo track on the album.

“Losing Yourself” features the rapper dropping his signature raps on “Bust,” a beat that he’s recorded with a band called the R&B/hip-hop duo The R&Bs.

“It’s about a feeling of wanting to give in and letting go of everything you know and that’s me,” Brown said of the song.

“And the story is about letting go and letting love come through, and letting everything flow.”

The track is set to drop May 16 via Columbia Records.

You can stream it below, but be warned, it’s not all that easy.

“I’m going to make it more emotional for you,” Brown explained of the track, explaining that he wants the song to be more emotional than anything else.

“The only way to make this song better is to go back and play it with a group of people.”

Brown added that he has also been working with producer Kanye West, and he believes the song will be even better.

“Kanye has been listening to my beats,” Brown shared.

“He’s a big Kanye fan, and it’s just been like, ‘Wow, this is the real deal.

This is the track that I’ve been waiting for.’

And he’s been really encouraging me to do it.

And I’ve really been enjoying doing it.

He’s been saying, ‘Just do it.'”

The track will be released on May 15 via Columbia’s online store, and Brown said he hopes it will be the last time he has to put a single out.

“When I’m done, I’m gonna come out with this new album and it’ll be a big one,” Brown continued.

“That’s all I really want to do, and I just want to let everybody know.”

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