Which songs are the best Bob Seger songs?

There’s no denying it: Bob Segers has an immense catalogue of hits.

But the singer’s songs are also often the most difficult to play, and it’s not just because they’re loud and bouncy.

“Bob is a very big, big singer and I’m not saying he’s easy to play,” says music teacher Mark Aitken, who has taught Seger’s repertoire since 1982.

“He has so many different styles, he has a range of voice, there are so many vocal styles that I’m sure he would go crazy if he wanted to.”

‘The best thing that ever happened to me’ Seger had a very successful career and many of his songs have been recorded, but there’s another side to the singer-songwriter.

“I can’t think of any song that has really made me feel good and helped me to be a better person, or helped me become better, or given me a different perspective,” Seger says.

“That’s what I like about Bob: he’s just so wonderful at playing people.”

But when you look at the most iconic songs of Seger, you realise they’re also incredibly difficult to sing.

“You know, they’re hard to sing,” says Seger.

“The best way I know of to play them is with my head and I’ll try and make it sound like it’s my mouth.”

Here are 10 Bob Segars most difficult songs.


My Man (1984) The Beatles’ My Man was a hit when it was released in 1984, but the song wasn’t recorded until five years later.

“We were shooting for a hit,” says John Lennon, who was playing guitar on the song at the time.

“But we weren’t sure if it would do the job.”

It’s not that Seger is bad at singing; he’s probably a better singer than the Beatles.

In fact, he says that playing a song like My Man in the studio is “a little like being in a club”.

“I love playing songs in the car because it’s so intimate, but if you’re driving down the road you have to be very careful because it will be noisy and people will be coming by,” he says.


I Love You, Ma (1969) Seger sang this song on the cover of the 1969 LP, My First Kiss, but was unsure if he could pull off the iconic image.

“It was the first time I sang it, but it was the beginning of my career and I didn’t know how I was going to be able to do it,” he recalls.

Seger went on to record two more songs with the Beatles: the one on the album, The Beatles, and the one for the video for My First Love.

“In the beginning, I was nervous because I thought it would be a big hit,” he laughs.

“When it came out, I had the idea that it would go out on top, and that was amazing.

I think it was like the first of many hits that I would get.

I was so nervous.”


It’s All Over Now (1983) This is one of the most popular Bob Seggers songs.

But it’s a song that he didn’t record for many years because he didn.

“All the time, I’d try to record it but it just wasn’t happening,” he explains.

“There was nothing to record, and I thought, ‘Well, it’ll just be my life if I can’t do it’.” It was only in 2005 that he was able to record the song again, but he didn “get to do anything”.

He says that he used to think, ‘This is the most important thing that has ever happened in my life’ but now, “I know that this song has been there for me.”


All I Want For Christmas Is You (1983-1983) “That song was my first real hit,” Segers says.

It was written as a song for the Beatles’ album The Beatles Anthology, but wasn’t released until 1983.

“They were just starting to do a tour in the UK and the UK tour was very, very popular and I went to see them for the first tour,” he remembers.

“At the time I thought that I’d probably never sing that song again.”


All Over Again (1984-1985) The hit single that broke the news of Seager’s death was All Over again in 1984.

“My first time singing it was in front of people, and we had the band there playing the whole thing,” Seager says.

Seager and his band mates didn’t play the song for much longer, but Seger still enjoyed playing it live.

“Nowadays I think I’m a better songwriter than I was,” he continues.

“Because of the new way of singing it, you get the best out of the band.”


The Way It Is (1978) This song was recorded for The

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