Why Frozen 2 songs are more popular than “Home” and “Frozen”


Why Frozen?

It’s because the first film was about a boy and a princess.

The sequel is about two girls, Anna and Elsa, and their adventures.

The movie is about a magical land, but Elsa is more concerned with her snowman, Anna.

(Anna is a snowman.)


Who wrote the song?

“Anna” by the British rock band, The Who, and “Let It Go” by Bruce Springsteen.

The Who wrote “Let it Go” for the first movie.

(It was written in 1976, according to the Who.)


Who’s the singer?

“Let You Go” was written by The Who’s John Entwistle, who also wrote “Frodo.”

The song was featured in the first two Frozen movies and is sung by a character named Kristoff.


Are there any lyrics?

No. 5.

Who sang it?

“It’s a good song, isn’t it?

You can go on, you know, sing a little more and you’ll see.”


What’s the meaning of the title?

Anna and Anna are two snowmen, who, in the movie, must save a kingdom from destruction by riding on an icy plow.

(The word plow comes from the French word plage, which means a wooden horse.)


How did the song come to be called “Let’s Go, Anna”?

“Let the world go on as it is, with Elsa and Anna, but I’ll be the one who comes back from the north,” Anna sings in the song.

“I’ll ride on a plow and you will sing.”


How long did the film take?

It was two weeks.

Elsa and the others are in the ice castle for two weeks before they go to save the kingdom.

It’s a big movie, but they’re just there to help out.

“Let The World Go On” is the song they sing to Anna.

It goes for four minutes and 42 seconds.


Who is in the film?

Anna is the protagonist of the first three films, Anna is a princess, and Anna and the gang are trying to save a country from destruction.


Why do they sing it?

It makes a strong contrast to the other songs.

Anna sings, “I think this song is just so good that I think the world has to go on.”


Are you a fan of Frozen?


I have a special place in my heart for the original “Let There Be Ice.”

I just love the songs.

You can find me at DisneyWorld.com/frozen.


Where can I watch it?

The first film opens in theaters on Dec. 18, 2017.


Where do I buy the movie?

The official Disney Store website.


Are they re-releasing the movie this year?

No, but the official Disney Channel website has the title Frozen 2, which is based on the Frozen musical.


Where else can I find it?

Disney.com has a trailer for the film that’s available online.


Are any of the songs sung by characters from the movies?

Yes, they’re the ones that play at the end of the movie.


Are the songs the same as the ones from the original movie?

Yes and no.

“Frosty” by The Beatles and “Can’t Buy Me Love” by Madonna are both sung by the same woman.

“My Heart Will Go On Forever” by Bob Dylan is sung entirely by a man.

“Anna and the Queen” is sung, in part, by a woman.


Are we seeing the same characters from Disney films in Frozen 2?

Yes; Elsa and Kristoff are voiced by the voice actors who played them in the original film.

Elsa sings, ”We will save the world!”

Kristoff sings,”I can’t be with you forever!”

The two sisters are voiced entirely by actresses in the Disney productions.


Is this the last movie in the Frozen franchise?


The next movie, Frozen Fever, will be released on May 25, 2019.


What does the movie have to do with the “Frog Queen” theme song?

In “Let Them Eat Cake,” the princesses are dressed up like the Frog Queen.

”Frozen 2” is called Frozen Fever because the princess dresses up as the Frog King.


Are all the characters from Frozen 2 going to be in the sequel?

Yes but not everyone.

Disney and Pixar are working on two movies for the franchise, with an initial release in 2018.

The first is called Finding Nemo 2: Treasure Trove.

The second is called The Little Mermaid 2: The Royal Flush.


Are characters from The Little Princess coming back?

Yes: Ariel, Donald Duck, Goofy, Ralph

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